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"The ceramic work that is before you is for the most part functional.  By functional, we mean that they are used for serving food, holding flowers, etc.  Most of my work is done on a potters wheel.  I find that it is a wonderful place to be for hours at a time.  You are very much in the moment and it’s rhythm feels centering and calming.  Some of the pieces have been made by the 'slab' method.  It can be rolled out with a slab roller, rolled with a rolling pin or thrown horizontally onto canvas flat service.  Sometimes the flat piece is set into a mold to form it’s shape and sometimes the shape is done freehand.

Texture is applied with everything from raised wall paper patterns to wood stamps to tools and nuts & bolts.  It’s a very creative process.  I find that it gives the piece a more organic spontaneous effect and holds a bit more interest than a thrown piece.  Its shape is never perfect and I rather like that.

I started in clay in 1999 and do much of my work on the campus at Napa Valley College.  It is a wonderful community of potters where you gain inspiration and an exchange of ideas.  The clay I use is called “high fire” meaning it is finished in a 2740 degree kiln.  This makes the ware very durable and not prone to chipping.

I have many glaze recipes so if you see something you love and it is not in the right color, let me know and we can get one matched to your décor.

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